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12 Feb 2011, 08:50 PM

I hope I am not violating any conventions or canon with my post but based on my limited research and skimming of other posts it seems like what I want is well within the norm for this particular forum, so without further ado...

My fiance' is a developer for the graphical chat interface imvu - it doesn't make us a king's ransom but it is fun for us to do together and it's 'free money' so to speak. For those who are unfamiliar the basic jyst is that developers create digital products which users can use in a paper-doll fashion to dress their avatars or rooms.

What I am specifically interested in is having her product page made. This is the framework that will be applied to every product she creates. Most developers simply make a static image and upload it to imageshack but the functionality exists to embed links, animate portions of the page, etc. I want something as eye-popping as possible within the realm of what is possible and logical for the medium.

Following are two different developer product pages that incorporate elements I would like to see in her page, as well as reference to which specific elements I would like to include:


The embedded thumbnails to her related products - this would have to be available. I would also need the ability for the end user (my fiance) to change the icons based on which of her other products are related to the one being showcased

The banner at the bottom is a common site - it links to the developer's catalogue. This developer has included the code so people can put it on their homepages and link back to the catalog. Both of these elements I would like to see included. (Just one banner, however, as opposed to the two this user has)

The branding - in the form of the picture of the developer and the rotating/sparkling logo. Some kind of branding is essential to make the page (and by extension the Developer) memorable. If something animated can be made unobtrusive - great, otherwise I am not attached to the animation.


The links upon the top - these would be represented prominantly somewhere on her page - either at the top or the size. She would include the following links:

Catalog (would link back to the parent catalog)
Homepage (would link to the imvu-based user profile)
Contact (would, like his, open up the imvu-specific message applet to contact her)
Twitter (Self-explanatory - this could just say 'twitter', and couldn't need to be the twitter symbol)

In addition to the above skeleton framework she would need the ability to insert a picture(s) of the product as well as the product name and any relevant description. A key thing to remember with this project is the duality of it. I need something that is going to be a really clean, well-laid out head turner but also something that a layperson can, with limited effort, alter from project to project; though, in reality only the product name, pictures, description, and related thumbnails will change.