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18 Feb 2011, 06:26 AM
Hi all,

Just a quite note: I posted this post a few weeks ago, and have found a great developer. I've already sent him over 1000 worth of small "tester" work to see how good he is, with around 3000-4000 of custom work to come as soon as they're done. He's booked up for the next two months with me, and I am expecting to continue to use him.

HOWEVER: I am STILL looking for ANOTHER awesome PHP5 Developer to come on board! I can pretty much guarentee work for the next 3 months due to recent contract wins and on-going contract pitching, working on some exciting and original projects.

About me

I run a very successful website design and development business here in the UK. I have been in business nearly 10 years, and have dealt with all sorts of projects, from large bespoke CMS' to small tweaks on existing sites. I have a team of 4 developers currently who all work for me on a freelance basis on various projects - but due to a number of recent contract wins and on-going projects that are now flooding in, I'm looking for another PHP5 monkey to help out on various projects. We work on the business principal that it's better to offer a decent system for slightly less than we normally would, with the view that some money is better than no money! Don't take that sentence to mean I'm looking for bespoke systems for 20 - I know how much things cost and am reasonable. We have a decent portfolio and I aim for every project to be good enough to be in our portfolio - and appreciate that quality comes at a price.

I'm a very good person to know, just ask my other developers! My main developer has worked with me on some huge and exciting projects and has been non-stop on projects for the last 2 years. I'm now looking for another one of him (he's extremely good!) As mentioned above, my new developer (who contact me via this post!) is booked up solid with me for the next 2 months at least, and this is very likely to continue.

Ideal Developer

The ideal candidate to fill the position would be:

> Down-to-earth, good sense of humour, but understands the importance of working hard to get business
> Absolute Whizz-Kid at all things development
> Able to work to tight deadlines and flexible on per-project pricing
> Reasonably priced (I have enough experience to know what things should and can cost - Projects are varied and budgets vary with the projects).
> Experienced working with off-the-shelf systems (Wordpress, Magento, etc).
> Experienced developing custom built content management systems to a high standard. (IMPORTANT!)
> On Skype regularly - and willing to offer your expert opinion on project proposals (I rely on my developers knowledge of systems to suggest the best method of solving potential problems).
> Extremely organised
> Able to take a project brief and PSD designs and work independently to produce a great finished site.
> Takes pride in all the work they do.
> Someone who doesn't feel that any task it too difficult.
> Design Experience (not essential)

Tick all those boxes? Well get in touch straight away - you're exactly what I need!
Don't tick them all, but still think you could fit the bill? Get in touch - you might be able to convince me you're good!

Coding Languages

> AJAX (sometimes)

Any other skills/languages you know will obviously help.

What impresses me:

> Ability to work independently
> Use common sense to solve problems without having to ask me to hold your hand throughout the project
> Go the extra mile to offer extras that maybe weren't originally within the project brief, but you felt would improve the project.
> Willingness to help out, offer advice and generally be the expert I need so I can speak to my clients with confidence.

What I don't want

> No Companies - I need an individual freelancer
> Please speak perfect English - I don't want to have to explain words to you.
> Lazy, uninterested people
> Someone who does this on the side - I need your dedication and in return you can expect on-going work.

I think I've covered everything! PM's for now please with all your contact details, experience, and of course your portfolios! Access to backend admin systems would be ideal. I will try to get back in contact with everyone!

Thanks for your time!