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22 Feb 2011, 05:35 PM
Is there a more specific thread I should post this in?

Anyways, hi there. I'm a sophomore in college, attempting to turn my life around for the better. At the moment, I'm a Video Production major, but I'm hoping to change that for something more sensible.

I've heard about a demand for webmasters/or just people in general to build/manage websites for businesses, and I don't think that I would mind updating/fixing daily problems on a site...considering that I'm always on the web, every day. I know it's not as simple as that, but at least I have a bit of reason for attempting to pursue this.

My main point is to essentially find out if what I've been told about web design is true.

A good prof./boss of mine had a deep talk last night, and concluded that turning my majors around would be best. Video production is a pretty sucky industry...more so than most. Demand is iffy, "all about who you know, not what you know", etc. What he theorized was that if I attained the ability to build/manage an attractive website for a business, that my experience in HD video production would give me an edge. He explained (roughly) "...with HTML5 coming, creating huge possibilities for HD streaming video to mobile devices, etc, and the demand for people who want the Video+Web formula, you should learn how to build websites, inside-out..."

Mkay, so is he just pulling my leg? I know that's he's never had experience being a webmaster or designer for the internet, but from what he reads in Streaming Media magazine, this is the coming future.

That's really it. I'd just like to know if my colleague is crazy, completely right, or a bit of both.

I feel that my life/career needs a big change like this, so any advice on the subject is welcomed.

Harshly, fire away!