View Full Version : Joomla website for Mobile Web

24 Feb 2011, 08:49 PM

About a month or two ago I made a Joomla based website. This worked well at first however now looking at the log files their is a bunch of android users hitting the site. Unfortunately I think they are having issues due to size of graphics, layout etc. since their is almost triple the number of page views to visitors it would seem as if they are becomming impatient and hitting refresh repeatedly.

I know little to nothing about mobile web development as I am still learning general web development.

I viewed the website I created on an Android based mobile phone and their are some issues in the display it is also slow to load. What I would like to know is

1. Is their any free development tools to make a basic HTML website optimized for mobile web size ?

2. Is their a way to put a detection script of some sorts on the main page that can foward to the mobile site ex. domain is http://mydomain.com is their a way to auto forward to http://mobile.mydomain.com and display a completely different webpage ?

3. is their a standard size for mobile web or is it all different sizes depending upon device ?