View Full Version : College Assignment Help Pls - Will concept work?

04 Mar 2011, 04:23 AM

I am starting a college assignment to develop a website that will automate a login and process for students.

Please Note: I am not looking for anyone to complete my assignment for me; I am just looking for good pointers to channel my thinking.

I can do the following and know how to do it - The website will:

Allow a student to join.
Let the student member to store their student ID number and pin number.

I need advice/suggestion for the following - The website will:

Will automatically access another site and use the stored info to get access to student account.
Will then auto fill a form on this website and then log out.
Will then move onto next student member and repeat process.
This will be scheduled to occur every 2 days.

Do I need to use script or can I use a browser macro program to do this?
The website that my website will access is on a diff server and we need to work on the basis that it does not have any special rights or priveleges.
I plan to use asp.net - will this be a problem?

I have about 4 weeks to develop and 2 weeks to test and write up. Have I been too amitious with my chosen project?

I look forward to any comments or help with this.