View Full Version : log in page -need help

12 Mar 2011, 12:46 PM
I'm working on a friends site. We both use the same web host 101sitehosting.com To create a log in page I need to copy the home page, create a new folder, move site to the new folder then make another folder with the copied home page. I'll remove all links off the home page and have it protected. I have to redirect the home page to the new site folder. There is no need to download any additional database programs.
Questions are as follows. What do I call the new folder I move the site to. Will this affect the links on the site pages. The folder for the new home page/ log in page is now called what? The original directions were vague. I can not afford to make any mistakes on this change. I took the task of making all new changes to his site after his original design guy closed up shop. site is www.silverbulletpest.com every page is protected except the home page.