View Full Version : Get my live webcast on my website - Idea's?

20 Mar 2011, 12:51 PM
Hello all,

I currently host a live webcast once every other week or so. People need to be able to connect remotely (listen only), so what I've been doing is using windows media encoder and hosting it myself at the location, and everyone connects to my computer to listen.

The location does not have internet, so I've been forced to bring in an aircard, which is not fast enough to accommodate more than a few people. I was wondering, if I could push my stream from that computer, to a webserver I own (from iPage) and have the clients go to my iPage server instead of directly to me.

The general idea is for me to only push to the webcast to my iPage site, and have all the clients receive the stream from there (So I only have one source pulling form me). Is this possible via php or javascript?? If you guys can start me down the right path I think I can get it all rolling.

Thank you!