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21 Mar 2011, 04:24 PM
First off, I am a beginner, so small words when possible :P lol.

I am working on my first big website... and while I probably should start small, the idea I am building on is quite extensive, so I am going to need help :) I have a basic knowledge of HTML, CSS and Javascript, and I'm learning about PHP. But some of the ideas I have, I just can't quite figure out how to implement them.

Here's a general idea of what I'm attempting to accomplish.....

I want to create a website and a database. On the website I want a very advanced search option: There will be a list of roughly 200 options with check boxes. The visitor will check the relevant boxes, and click on a submit button. What I want to happen: Say the visitor chose 50 of those options... when they click submit, I want it to query my database and pull any results that have a combination of any of the checked options....

For example.... the search page lists 200 colors..... each item in the database has 10 colors.... a visitor clicks 50 colors and clicks submit. A list of links is populated to each item in the database that has a combination of 10 of the 50 selected colors. It would be even better if it would also show any database items that lack only one "color" and show which is missing, but that can come later if needed. Hopefully you can get the concept from this. I can picture it in my mind, but it's difficult to explain.

Each item in my database would be an individual page. And when searched the links to those pages would be populated into a list with thumbnails and descriptions.

I know enough basic HTML, CSS and Javascript to actually create the web page design, but I know little about databases... I am learning, but if anyone could give me a simple explanation of how to achieve this, and what programs I will need to use, it would be greatly appreciated.