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21 Mar 2011, 06:59 PM
hello I am trying to create self updating signature but need some help on getting the information from http://www.killzone.com/kz3/en_US/mykillzone/overview.html?name=$user for example (where $user is the name they put into my form) i already have a php file to create the png file all tho i am having a couple issues with that also but that is another day lol.

if you need to see the php file i have already i'll be more than happy to post it

i know for the most part i know what sections i want and if you want to see an example of where i am wanting to pull information from then go here (http://www.killzone.com/kz3/en_US/mykillzone/overview.html?name=Huwey77) and the information i want to grab is in the following sections of the page:


<div class="wherenext_profile_country" style="background:url(stk-resources/killzone/resources/killzone/images/flags/us.png) 0 2px no-repeat;">

in the <div class="wherenext_profile_txt"></div> section

the <p></p> section in all of the following

<div class="left trophy_container">
<img src="stk-resources/killzone/resources/killzone/images/mykillzone/ic_trophy_01.png" width="105" height="70" alt="">

Total Points

along with the information in each of these sections

<div class="career_txt_container " style="cursor:default">
<div class="left" style="width:108px; padding-top:3px;">
<span class="career_nr_actual">7</span><span class="career_nr">/10</span>
<div class="career_role">Engineer</div>
<div class="right"><img src="stk-resources/killzone/resources/killzone/images/mykillzone/ic_CareerEngineer.png" alt=""></div>

if you look at the coding for this page you will see that there is 5 left trophy_container divs and also 5 career_txt_container divs and want the info from all of them