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30 Mar 2011, 02:37 AM
I have a hybrid online/offline business, but most of the web work and seo is outsourced. Actually, all of it is.

I'm thinking of shedding some dead weight and becoming more active rather than delegating so much.

Unfortunately, the "fun" of outsourcing has left me a bit clueless on Google and how it ranks sites.

So here is the question in a nutshell....

If I want to create sites for local businesses, in a certain niche, and rank them 1st page, and flip them or rent them.....

If I bought the domain DenverRoofContractors.com, and "Denver Roof Contractors" gets like 800 monthly searches.......

And I put up either a little wordpress page, or a squeeze page telling people "fill your info" or "call this #" for info on best contractor rates...

and if someone googled "Denver Roof Contractors".....

Would my domain DenverRoofContractors.com come up on the first page since it is an exact domain match to the keyword typed in?

I asked my web design guy this same question and he gave me a very detailed explanation about google places and sub-domains and a bunch of other stuff. It seemed to make sense but sometimes I think he intentionally confuses me so I'll keep paying him lol.

I'm looking to have it explained in terms I can understand, for someone like me who has outsourced, but never built a site or done seo himself.

Do share for those who are hands-on.


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30 Mar 2011, 03:22 AM
keywords in the domain might help you rank well, but it is not the only factor, you will still need to develop good content and build lots of links to your site.