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19 Apr 2011, 02:34 PM
OK this is a longshot, but I figured it is worth reaching out and trying. I am a freelance designer who has been putting together (slowly might I add) a portfolio of clients over the years since graduating from UAT in Tempe, AZ back in 2008 with a BS degree in Software Engineering with an emphasis on Web Programming. My end goal is to build a startup company...nothing big, just something a good team of people can enjoy working at while making a decent living from it. Unfortunately after graduating I moved back home to Dallas, TX and lost touch with most of my contacts from school in the same field so I'm left to recruit those who might have similiar interests and a passion to take a leap. Before some of you comment, I know this isn't the best way of going about it, but I'm posting on several forums I'm a member to just seeing if it leads to any conversations or potential new relationships. You never know what's out there unless you ask.

I myself have pretty good experience in both programming and design and I'm constantly trying to add more and more tidbits of info into this brain of mine. I currently build brochure type websites and CMS websites using Joomla for individuals, businesses, and churches. I haven't actually launched my own website or company brand yet...most of my work has been from people I know or referrals locally. With that said I'm getting ready to take the next step. It would be really awesome to find people that would like to team up and try to create something special. Yes it might be easier if you live in the North Texas area, but that isn't a requirement. With the wonderful world wide web we have a means to communicate and interact no matter the distance between us.

My goal is to create a team of people, each with different strengths, that could combine their time/efforts/energy/and skills to not only create websites and company brands, but to create the foundation of a company that could continue to build into something special. I've done the marketing/client discussions/design work/programming work/SEO/etc etc etc by myself for several years and I just look forward to the day where a team and myself could work together on these projects so one person isn't doing everything and getting burned out. You may be in the same situation and are looking for a change. Well if anything I proposed sounds interesting then let's talk. Feel free to respond to this post or email me (jeo_james1984@yahoo.com). Look forward to hearing from you.