View Full Version : winWSD & information left behind once using it.

28 Apr 2011, 06:26 PM
Right, abit of a random question, i am currently learning web development through information on this forum (and others), various books, videos etc.. more as a hobby and i have a friend in the industry.

While talking with my friend he told me to use winWSD (i think it is used for viewing websites offline) to ''download'' his website so i could check the source code on my comp and how all his files work together etc.. and it's a good way to learn how things work. so i did and it worked quite well.

Anyway while talking to him about it he told me once i used it he could see various details about me/my computer... which included...

on your computer your username/account is called ***

Browser Firefox 4.0
OS WinVista
Resolution 1280x1024
22nd April 2011 20:49:09
Multiple visits spread over more than one day
Firefox 4.0

''so i even know you have a folder on your desktop called New Folder and in that folder theres another called CC and in there is a copy of my site''

''ohh and your on virgin media and your ip is **.**.**.***'' (*s was real IP)

''you first copied the site a week ago on the 22nd April 2011 20:49:09pm''

I am currently learning about it and i knew that when i visit a website details like my IP would be left behind etc..

but how can he know things like what folder it was downloaded to? and my computer user name ? i didn't ask him that at the time but it puzzled me abit after, is it normal for details like this to be left behind? hope this noob question makes sense