View Full Version : Need advice buiding business website with template

08 May 2011, 10:26 AM
Hi I was just wondering if anyone knows if its is possible to build a site with log in and upload where my clients can upload their photos and have a user acccount can be done with a template have built a few websites with frontpage but would like to use some templates I think they look more professional and I am not an expert learning bit by bit thanks for any info angie ireland

Pixel Eden
08 May 2011, 06:44 PM
Hi Angie,

The difficulty is in order to have a system like this you will have to learn an entire language and understand the methods used to create each system you desire to have on your website.

What I would realistically think about is pricing up local developers to devlop a system like this for you. They should have a system like this up withing a few weeks and the system would be unique much like you doing it yourself. However there are so many varying aspects to building a system such as this that unless you were intending to take up design and development up as a full time ocupation then the effort of gaining this new knowledge is not worth it.

Alternatively you can make a post in our freelancers section and see what developers from all over the world will charge for your system.

Hope this is helpful ;)