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22 May 2011, 10:00 AM
Hi, first off, my name is John.
I have owned and administrated three websites for the last ten years. Iíve become rather proficient in html, php, sql database coding and in video, photo (Photoshop) and audio creation and editing.

I recently had a co-worker approach me and ask if I would design a promo video (for DVD and Web-Flash Video) for him. He is a singer, songwriter and entertainer and has produced a show which he performs locally for various groups. He does this part time (keeping his day job). I created a 6 minute promo video for him (took about three days on and off) from files he provided. Burned (for now) 25 DVDís of the video and 25 CDís of some of his music tracks (he writes his own original songs). Put the whole package together in a Disc Valise and gave it to him. He was very impressed and happy with the results. I had no idea what to charge him and he wants me to do more work. So we settled on 300 dollars for the video and disc work to date.

He then asked me to design a web site. I realized right away that all he needed was a static site (no heavy scripts or database) and it had to fit his target audience (over 40 -60 crowd). So I took a hint from the name of his show (Simply Me) and kept the site simple but elegant looking.
So, what Iíve done for him to date:
1 - registered a domain name
2 - bought hosting space (1 year for now)
3 - custom designed the pages (custom css) - Home, About Me, Video (2 formats -Flash and WMV), Music (WMA), Contact (custom Flash custom php forms) and Privacy pages. Working on Testimonial and Links pages (waiting for him to provide some content). Iíve given him some home work assignments (have family and friends write up some brief testimonials, join appropriate forums in his venue, creating an e-mail signature - all for posting a link to his new site).
4 - he wrote the content for the home and about me pages. I provided him with a key word analysis and told him to write up his content with that in mind. He did a good job.
5 - He admits to having two left feet when it comes to creating a web site. He would rather concentrate on song writing. He also wants me to maintain the site. Not much there since it is static. Occasionally adding a page or cleaning up log files. But I will continue to help him with the promotion and marketing of the site.

My questions are, I have no idea what to charge him. A - for the creative work to date and B - charge him a monthly fee for administration of the site.
Of course Iím not looking for exact figures, but some kind of a starting point.

To get a better idea, you can visit the site - mitchell-robert-simply-me.com

PS, He has shown the site to family, friends, co-workers and even his friend and mentor, Jackie Mason. They all liked the site and itís design very much.

Thank for any opinion in advance, John