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23 May 2011, 04:13 AM
I originally created and uploaded my website 7 years ago (using Frontpage 2003) and have since only been updating the contents. It is a mess because I, with great pain, time and effort (and no help or advice), failed to organize it into folders page by page (didn't know to do this or to do other stuff that should have been done).

Site URL: http://www.books-n-sundries.com

Now it is even more of a mess, but the time it would take to rework it now seems out of sight and impractical. And too, I still don't know how it should be done right. After looking at my site shown above, does anyone know of a website "pattern" or framework that would be simple for a novice to use and to just transfer my site contents over into, and that would force me to build it correctly??? Appreciate any suggestions or comments.

I also have the same basic question about a framework for a Photo Gallery (with great gobs of albums and pics) that could be put into my site. My site host (Ipower) deleted my original gallery they installed for me, due to some "technical problems" they said they were having, and now they are refusing to upload another gallery for me to start over again. This will teach me who not to do business with next time:mad:, but also should wind up forcing me to learn to do some things myself:).


26 May 2011, 12:30 PM
Hi Tony,

Just a thought here..

You could use a program like http://www.httrack.com/ which will download your entire website to your local hard drive. Now you have only the files that make up your site so you have eliminated any extra pages or files that are no longer used. Now you can start arranging things. Still a time consuming process though.

The alternative is just to start new and do a bunch of cut and paste from the old.

After looking at your site I would install some CMS software to manage the site structure and do some cutting and pasting of the more current things and the older things that you definitely wish to keep on the site and go from there. The CMS software I like these days is call GL Fusion http://www.glfusion.org/

It's a little difficult to get setup and configured, but it's pretty easy to use once you have it all set up and seems to be very feature filled. I've set up a couple websites with it. But you are still looking at hours of time. The GL Fusion can also be set up to be a Media Gallery. Photos, videos, etc.. That part is even more confusing to me after recently looking at it, but here again, once you get over the learning curve it appears to be really powerful and feature filled software.

Best of luck..