View Full Version : Simple flash banner question

27 May 2011, 11:43 AM
Just a quick question, I am creating my first flash banner for a website, and I wanted to know if I should embed the link to my website in the flash file. Or, should I tell the website I'm sending it to the URL and they will link it for me on their end?

Just wondering what is customary.

I created a flash file with an embedded link (using ActionScript) and I tried testing it on my website, and the webpage is insisting on the existence of an AC_RunActiveContent.js. If I don't have that file it won't open...

Surely I can simply send the .swf file to the company that's hosting my banner without having to send along the AC_RunActiveContent.js?

Or, should I just send the .FLA file and let them sort it out.

Thanks for any help