View Full Version : Need input, advice: How can I incorporate insurance calculators into my site?

02 Jun 2011, 02:43 PM
Hey guys,

I'm working on an insurance site and the client has requested that I incorporate some financial calculators into the site. I haven't learned too much JS yet either.

Does anyone know of a good (preferably inexpensive) third party that sells financial calculators I could insert into the site? I've found a few via google, but I'm not sure which ones are trustworthy. Or is there a simple way to script that sort of thing myself?

I need the following:

-Loan Payoff
-Home Affordability
-Mortgage Refinancing
-Mortgage Acceleration
-Credit Card Debt
-Lease Interest
-Lease Payment
-Car Affordability
-Estate Taxes
-Cost of Retirement
-Required Minimum Distributions
-Impact of I***ation
-Retirement Plan Early Distribution
-Personal I***ation Rate
-Retirement Portfolio Lifespan
-Federal Income Tax
-Tax-Deferred Savings
-IRA Eligibility
-Risk Tolerance
-College Funding
-Savings Goals
-Savings Accumulation
-Taxable Equivalent Yield
-Capital Gains Taxes
-Cash Flow Analysis
-Net Worth
-Lifetime Earnings
-Life Insurance
-Life Expectancy
-Long-Term Care Self Insurance
-LTCI Cost of Waiting
-Disability Income Insurance

Sorry the thread title is a bit inaccurate now, I realize they're not all for insurance.

Thanks in advance for any help.