View Full Version : Payment and uploading options

02 Jun 2011, 06:52 PM
Hey everyone. I'm relatively new to web design - while I'm a trained graphic designer I'm not really qualified to do more complex web coding, however it seems it's very necessary in the freelance business.

I have a client that wants his website to function like this - it's an online printing website. You select the product you want (say a business card), upload the file along with contact information and a description of any concerns, directions, etc. These directions would then be forwarded in a message to the business owner's e-mail, alerting them of the purchase, perhaps with a link to the file uploaded on the FTP?

If there is an automated program or form available to do this, I'm OK with using it, however the design of my site is very minimalist and typography based. A lot of standard web design icons (most notably, the gray buttons) would need to be customized to fit my design more appropriately. If this isn't possible without extensive knowledge of coding, I'm OK with something that sacrifices a bit of design for functionality I suppose, though I would prefer to avoid this.

Any link to a tutorial of some sort would be greatly appreciated