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06 Jun 2011, 03:35 PM
Why does it stun me whenever somebody chooses to make a trip... At the eleventh hour... And obtains a great deal at the same time? These folks astound me every time. Once you go through this information, you'll be one of these brilliant people, who can do a quick query, make a phone call, and end up with a great last second deal in your hands. As you build your vacation, bear in mind a few things that will get you to your last minute price cut. Focus on a top quality accommodation, find out more about newsletters and notifications and finally, talk with the actual places to stay directly. Once you learn the info in this short article, you will have more encouragement to take on this challenge, and put more money into your personal pocket....and maybe brag a little about the great deals you keep landing on, at the last minute!

To begin with, eleventh hour deals, and wonderful savings really don't have to make poor accommodations. You can get high quality accommodations with last second deals at a reduced price. This is important given that a lot of people think the nice deals mean poor hotels. Never be satisfied with undesirable or even good. Go for great! You might astonish your own self! Luxury hotels have got great deals. What you might like to do is wait until the 2 week period prior to your trip. At that time, they are going to see their vacancy rate is way up, and then you'll have some negotiating power. TIP: keep in mind, hotels need to fill as many rooms as it can, and keep vacancy rates all the way down. They want the rooms filled up. Even if it means a discount. As for discount rates, its possible to have 50% drops. On the other hand, they may be sold out with no vacancies. Occasionally it can be a risk. So start at the luxury when it comes to hotel lodging. And don't be afraid.

News letters and announcements are always full of tips and are a great way to find last minute bargains. These are critical because they are constantly scouring the web and travel space for deals, and tips. They are your eyes and ears on the ground. A great place to start with, is with traveling clubs. One suggestion is an auto club or association. This is a great way to get moving. Additional travel clubs are available that are connected to different likes and dislikes and locations. Looking for tips on deals? Try out agents and the venue websites. Browsing for Disney hotels? Enroll for Disney vacation newsletters. Appears like you have some work ahead of you here.

Finally, check out the hotels directly. I did this only last night. Arrived in town late, called a few hotels, got the best price from.... the best hotel. Reduced from the normal price, simply due to the fact it was really late. wow. You'd be amazed at how quick this step will get you to your goal. Most people are going through the hotel agents, but why not just call the hotel yourself and negotiate? Its important since you could get a deal that's normally not in the public. Don't call the hotel 800 number. Call the hotel directly. Some great suggestions are Marriott, Holiday Inn, Executive Suites, Hilton. Find the hotels in the vicinity you are heading to and start phoning them directly. Once you get in contact, have a discussion with the manager. Ask them what days of the week are slower, and what periods of the year are slow.

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