View Full Version : Netflix new entry page OMG!

08 Jun 2011, 10:27 PM
You've GOT to take a look at Netflix's new entry page. And then take a look at what the Netfilx's "developer of product management" proudly said about it @ http://blog.netflix.com/

I rarely comment blogs, but had to in this instance. I posted this thread here as a "This is what not to do in webdev" tip.

This was basically the comment I left concerning his blog:

This company is expanding expotentially and it's revenue is growing at an amazing rate. Netflix's profit margin is also growing at a corresponding rate. I follow these things. This is the best webdev you can muster? This is the second occassion in months where the outright foopahs of your dev team showed up for the world to see on the entry page. Really, you can't afford a larger and better dev team than these idiots? Really? I'm self-taught and can build a better site than this. These so-called devs (apparently in thier first year at a local community college) have never heard of a conditional statement to send mobile devices to a different site? Or at least to send them to a page with different CSS? This is pitiful, You AND the board of directors should be ashamed of yourselves. Greed. It all comes down to GREED. Spend a buck or like the big big box retail, you'll find yourself on the decline. And never, never, whine in public again about how you only have a small team to do this (I refer to a comment in your "developers" section) when you have that kind of revenue available to you. Good God man!

P.S. just so you know, you've got to have a NF account to get into the interface/entry page.
So, if you do NF, what do you think of the page in question?