View Full Version : php form for multiple inserts into mysql

15 Jun 2011, 07:47 AM
Im looking for suggestions...
I have a form that inserts a record into a mysql database.
I need the ability to add multiple records without having a large set of empty forms sitting on the page. Essentially what I am looking to accomplish is have the form automatically replicate itself for another entry when the initial form is "filled out", preferably when the user tabs at the last field of the first completed form.

It is for an inventory system so that I can add large amounts of multiple records for the serial numbers/models/sku with having minimal screen clutter.

I am thinking i will have to rely on javascript to attain this, and am thinking it will have to be an onkeydown() for the last textarea in the form but have no idea how to acheive it.

Any suggestions would be simply amazing :)