View Full Version : need help on up-dating website and hosting

15 Jun 2011, 01:45 PM
Hi there,

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I have a website, which has been online for nearly 10 month, is nearly end of year so what do I have to do to just keep the web page alive. something call hosting, traffc and all sort of staff. Do I have to buy anything to make the website alive?

The website has few sound tracks. and about 10 images with script. the sound tracks plays and the images moves.

Can someone please explain it to me I am new at this.

also How do I update a website? I just need to add some text into the website.
I know you need username and password. but how can I do that.

while I am doing an update is there any risk of losing my web page. if so is there anyway to back-it-up before I start the update.

Thank you so much for look at it.

15 Jun 2011, 03:18 PM
Two things:
1. This question should probably be placed in the "Web Design, HTML Reference and CSS" section.
2. Google free web hosting. There are thousands if not millions of hosting sites that will walk you through the process