View Full Version : Template Editable Region and CSS

15 Jun 2011, 07:31 PM
I am confused about the relationship between a template and CSS style sheets.

I would like to be able to have a different CSS style sheet attached to new web pages that are created from the main template.

Currently, I have 5 CSS style sheets (each called layout.css, layout2.css, layout3.css, etc depending on the height of the page). All 5 style sheets are identical except for the height of the page is different depending on the amount of content on the page. This way I don't have huge blank area at the bottom of pages with only one short paragraph of text.

The problem I am running into (if it is even a problem), is that the main template file has a CSS style sheet attached. Lets call that style sheet layout.css because its page height is short. So now I want to create a new webpage from this template file that uses layout2.css because I need a little taller page to hold more content. If I attached layout2.css, it works BUT I still have layout.css attached. It will not let me detach this layout.css that is no longer needed because the new page is created from a template and its not an editable region. If I made it an editable region, the whole template would become an editable region and I still could not delete layout.css.

Any suggestions? Is it okay to have 2 CSS style sheets attached at once? Am I missing the whole concept? What is an effective way to change the vertical height of a webpage "automatically" or is there even such a thing?