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18 Jun 2011, 10:01 AM
Hello everybody!

Do you need a good color-picker and color-manager for your webpages too?
Here is a very useful and 100% free application!

A long time ago I started with my first color-hex converter. Now, a year later,
I've finished my first completely changed and super advanced version of CSS color.

Website (http://csscolor.tk/)

- .NET Framework 2.0

Special features:
- A very advanced color-picker.
- Store colors in a listview, with 4 columns:
- Use, You can give every color a name, for example "menu right background".
- Preview, A preview of the color.
- HEX code
- RGB code
- Opportunities to save, open and merge listviews.

New in last version (3.1.3):
- Right mouse menu added to listview, with copy/delete/move/properties buttons.
- You can now move the items in the list.
- You can now see the OLE color code too.

There is a mini-version too, this version has less features, but is very small.

Visit RMS.x95 - CSS color :: Home (http://csscolor.tk/) for downloads, screenshots and more information

If you like this application, I really appreciate a donation: RMS.x95 - CSS color :: Donate (http://csscolor.tk/donate/)
I can really use some support.

Hope you like the app!


26 Sep 2011, 05:08 AM
Thank you for sharing.