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18 Sep 2011, 11:10 PM
Create a Magical Golden Winged Boot P.1

Images Used The following images were used in making this tutorial:
Boot Photo
Wood Texture
Bird Photo (Wings)
Step 1 Open up a new document (600X600px) and create a new layer called ‘gradient background’. Select the radial gradient tool and apply a gradient ranging from 493B24 to 000000.
Step 2 Now paste in a photo of a wooden texture onto a new top layer, and called this layer ‘wood texture’. Then change the layer blend mode to ‘soft light’ and reduce the layer opacity to 65%.
Step 3 Now with your wood texture layer selected, go to image>adjustments>levels and apply the settings shown below:
Step 4 Now paste in a photo of an old boot. I cut out this image from it’s original background using the lasso tool, but you may prefer to use the pen tool. For tips on how to master the pen tool you can read our article Become a Master of the Pen Tool in Under 30 Minutes (http://cs5tutorial.net/become-a-master-of-the-pen-tool-in-under-30-minutes)
For tips on how to easily select objects check out our article: Master Photoshops Selection Tools in Under 30 Minutes (http://cs5tutorial.net/master-photoshops-selection-tools-in-under-30-minutes)
After pasting in my boot image I resized and rotated it to fit nicely in my canvas.
Step 5 Now go to image>adjustments>levels and apply the settings shown below. This should give your boot image far more intensity.
I also chose to increase the opacity of my ‘wood texture’ layer to 100% as this fitted better with my more intense boot.
Step 6 Now go to the blending options for your boot layer and apply a drop shadow (settings below):

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