View Full Version : Restoring and protecting a Hyper-V Server

14 Nov 2011, 07:15 AM
Follow the steps below to protect a Hyper-V host:

1. Protect the Hyper-V (http://www.hypervhd.com) host machine by installing the Replay Agent on the host.
2. Take a base image of the hyper-v host from the Replay Admin Console.
3. Make a rescue image export for the hyper-v host and export it to a network drive.
4. Make an RRC CD for the domain (this will allow you to restore the system drive.)

Follow the steps below to restore a Hyper-V host:

1. Boot from the RRC boot CD.
2. Map network drive to the location of the rescue image and restore all the drives. The host will be restored back to the point in time when the rescue image was last exported.
3. Reboot when complete.

Note: The virtual network settings are restored when the Hyper-V host is restored.