View Full Version : Wordpress Blog Page Pulls in Photos. Widget pages do not. Help!

16 Nov 2011, 09:52 AM
So long story short, our blog page here - https://progressivemediaconcepts.com/blog-2/ - looks how we want it to. Problem is, when you use the sidebar to search through archive or categories, it looks like this - https://progressivemediaconcepts.com/2011/11/ -

The problem we are having is pages that the widgets direct us to do not pull in pictures. Also the "Read more" should not be there, as we use "continue reading" instead.

I am not sure what file in the back-end needs to be edited. I am confident I can solve the issue if I only new which files were causing the issue. (i had to do that for the blog page).

Do i need to edit the widget files, or is there a file within my template that isn't pulling in the right code?

Thanks in advance

26 Nov 2011, 07:31 AM
Hi Willbe90,

Am I right in thinking you have now fixed this issue? I can't seem to replicate what you are talking about. If not I may be misunderstanding your problem.

Out of interest what social sharing plugin are you using there?