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08 Dec 2011, 10:26 PM
I want to use a CMS for my website but already have a template made.

I use to just do all the work myself in dream weaver but as my website grows it is perceived hard for me to keep up. I don't want to lose my current template but want to switch to a CMS. Anyone know a way in which I can do this?

All and any help is appreciated.

21 Dec 2011, 04:21 AM
You will need to read the documentation on the CMS you are choosing to use. All CMS software on the market has a template interface of some kind for designers to use. All you need to do is lightly modify your HTML source to place in the correct template tags to fill the template with information from the CMS. Normally the CSS/JS files with your template are static and can be put anywhere, but most CMSs will want it near your HTML template.

Another idea is to take the current template the CMS your wanting to use is currently using and go through it to find the tags and logic that makes it work with the CMS itself. Take these tags and logic and place them into your own template, then replace the HTML template the CMS shipped with, with the template you made and just modified. This way is a little rough, but some CMS software out there is not very well documented, and sometimes this might be your only way to go.