View Full Version : Finding the names of techniques you know

15 Dec 2011, 06:28 PM
So I'm entirely self-taught and I've only ever worked as a solo developer for technologically illiterate people, but right now I'm trying very very hard to get into a real development house.

The problem I have is that I learn by picking up new techniques and syntax when poking around in existing code, but very rarely does that come with the name of the technique.

At interviews I'm asked things about names that mean nothing to me, and when I get home and look up what they've asked me about, they usually turn out to be things I've been doing for a while.

Typing descriptions of things I do into Google isn't getting me very far, its not that I know so many different techniques that need looking up, but that some of them are hard to describe, some very simple techniques have common names and I wouldn't think of looking them up, and the lack of a name in the results doesn't necessarily mean it doesn't have one.

For instance, try typing in "putting an absolute position div inside a relative position div", and you should get an idea of what I'm up against, I've been doing it for years but I have no idea if that trick has a name.

At this rate, I'm going to end up failing interviews until I've been asked about every single technique a development house could want to ask about so I can go back and look them up (or until I run out of development houses and get stuck working solo), there has got to be an easier way to go about getting these technique names.