View Full Version : Is web the platform for me?

29 Dec 2011, 04:02 PM
Hi, hope someone can advise me if im going in the right direction

I have a long term ambition to have my own software which will be used in car dealerships which i can sell

However i don't expect this to happen in 1 or 2 years

My thought process is to try make it and get layouts working via a website, so i can get links working etc

I understand websites and html etc but when you go on to databases i need to learn (which i enjoy learning)

Basically the software will need to be a database with customer details etc and customer files link to vehicle files etc and also be able to create invoices into pdf and link to sage accounts possibly?

Is a webplatform possible to handle this? Or should i be learning VB? I don't want to learn something that i late regret?

I know some software out there already is housed on web platforms but i don't want to copy others i want to be unique

If web platform is the way forward where is there good training available? I know how to use dreamweaver etc and uload static files

Any advice would be much appriciated