View Full Version : Backtracking on Magento installation - best software for small lingerie site?

07 Jan 2012, 11:03 AM
Hi all,

My girlfriend wants a lingerie website, so I setup an online store for her using Magento ... I have to say, I've only used a few different CMS in my time, but this really comes close to Sharepoint for being unnecessarily convoluted, complex and overwhelming. Even basic tasks are quite tricky so I don't think she has much of a chance.

But what is the best alternative?

Ideally she'd like to have 5 fixed categories (with no need to expand on that) so it'd be great to have some system that's has a really easy to customise homepage (or has a nice theme) that'll let her have just 5 big pictures on the homepage, rather than the traditional listings with menus and info everywhere. Something that's really not very text heavy at all.

And an extra bonus would be a system that makes it really easy for people to checkout (ie purely via PayPal/Google checkout if necessary) and also lets her notify people when things are getting shipped

I'd really appreciate any suggestions and feedback - thank you!