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09 Feb 2012, 11:34 PM
With the following of ethical SEO strategies, your promotion can be sustainable and long lasting making your website rankings at search engines longer.

a) Search engine friendly website design - First of all, the design of the website needs to be appropriate for SEO, the website should be a search engine friendly website. With the use of html, CSS, easy navigation and original pictures for your website design, you can make it search engine friendly. Frames website are not made for web promotion. So, try to stay away from them in your page construction.

b) No duplicate content - Your website should not have any duplicate content which is placed on any other website. It could be included in spam from search engines. So your content on website should be unique and genuine to your visitors and with right density of targeted keywords and key phrases. Please don't use your keyword again and again in every line just to increase the key word density; it could get you in a spam or the website can be penalized or banned by search engines. Another important point is to avoid hidden content.

c) Meta tags placement - Meta tags are html codes embedded into web pages containing keywords, description, keyphrases, author information, copyright information, title and helps in fast indexing of web page in search engines There should be relevant Meta tags at every page of your website. Title should not be so long and should not have more than three targeted keywords embedded in it. Description tags should be descriptive, not more than 30-35 words which are enough to describe your page. Keyword tags can have your all targeted keywords on which you want rankings for your website.

d) Sitemap - Sitemap plays an important part in website which should have all important links of your website. It helps your visitors to find any particular link from one page called Sitemap. Also use Google Sitemap for fast indexing of your website, a service provided by Google, itself.

e) Search engines submissions - This process of submitting of your website in search engines should be a factor of covering all engines which are globally relevant and the ones that address your regional requirements as well.

f) Directory submissions - Submission of website in free and paid directories with the relevant category. With quick visibility of your website at search engines, submissions in directories give your website extra back links and positioning at search engines. Just be sure about your right category to submit and also choose the right directory.

g) Press Releases - Press releases on the web are like news wires for the conventional media. When you launch a new site, or a new service a properly drafted press release can get fast visibility. Make sure that your press release is in line with your SEO strategy and covers your targeted keywords.

h) Link development - Two main aspects are included in this term - link exchange and one-way links. Link Exchange means exchanging your website link with another relevant website and one-way links are those links which are placed on any other website without exchanging links at a relevant place. Only a relevant link placement with relevant anchor will give you high rankings on search engines within short period.

i) Article Writing and Submissions - Writing articles on the industry your website belongs to or writing about the products and services your website offers is a good move to share information with the visitors an its also a good way to generate extra but useful content for the website, it is now highly popular in terms of website promotions. Just write articles about your website products with nice information and statements and published them in article submission websites and can also request to other website owners to publish them in their websites because everybody welcomes good content but it should be with your resource and relevant links, otherwise it has no use.

All above given steps are ethical and helpful in fast rankings of website at major search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN Live Search and more importantly they can help you create a more sustainable and long term exposure on the biggest sourceof website business... the search engines of the modern world.

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10 Feb 2012, 02:58 AM
Agree with your post..