View Full Version : Help with fixed video upload area, thumbs up/down buttons, comment section, etc.

09 Mar 2012, 04:05 PM
Hi all. I am very new to web development and am working on something that is probably out of my league. Basically, it is a free membership site and I need a few features. First, I need an area where people can upload a video of theirs, and i need that area to remain a constant size through all member pages (think youtube). Second, I need a set of buttons that, when clicked, will basically act as the like/dislike buttons on youtube. Finally, I need a comments section. I also need an "about me" section where members can fill out information. I know this is a lot, and I know I'm over my head right now, but I really just want to jump in and get started. I have access to all the tools found in the adobe CS5 Design Premium package. Thanks so much for any help you may have to give, I really appreciate it.