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12 Apr 2012, 04:48 AM
1. The establishment of effective channels of communication with the users

The success of a website lie in the process of continuous understanding and meeting the users' need which can be achieved through effective channels of communication. Most choose E-mails and MSN. Also, it is necessary to remember that the most important aspect is the maintenance of good relationship with client.

2. The proper time for the proper thing

There are things need to be done during each phase of a website building and operation and it is necessary to do the proper things in the proper time. For example, what the most important tasks for the first period of a website building is its function and content while it is website marketing in the period of a website operation. There are many methods can be applied to website marketing, such as blog, ads, social bookmarks and so on.

3. Do not make the website is full of image, Java programs, Flash and music

It is necessary to take the speed of a webpage can be loaded into consideration. The loading speed of a webpage would become very slow if there are too many images or Flash were in it. There is little users can have the patience to wait for minutes for a webpage being loaded that will cause the loss of users.

4. Implementation of the effective user-centric profit model

Who can bring profit to a website? It is the user. So the profit model for a website shall be set as user-centric. In essence, it is the basic to develop and maintain a great number of users. A good website is the one that can attract more and more users or visitors. For example, it is helpful for traffic generation of a website on website design and development to create a webpage with some success stories.

5. Marketing is the core of business

The core of business is the marketing. A successful website marketing can contribute a lot to the website to be a good one. Because the products, although they are quite perfect, of a company would not be sold out if nobody were told about them.

13 Apr 2012, 04:24 AM
The use of the web 2.0 is really beneficial for you most especially if you are going to have that need for blogs in the current times. What can you say now?