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26 Apr 2012, 02:20 AM
How to import/convert/edit MOD file into iMovie '08/iMovie'09/iMovie'11?

iMovie is a proprietary video editing software application which allows Mac, iPod Touch 4th generation, iPhone 4 and iPad 2 users to edit their own home movies. From there, the user can edit the video clips, add titles, and add music. Effects include basic color correction and video enhancement tools, and transitions such as fade-in, fade-out, and slides, however, when you import MOD file to iMovie for further editing, it appears that MOD is the right format for iMovie.

Issue 1: I have just purchased a Canon FS 100 camera, but for the life of me how do I import the movies into iMovie'11. Why is it not as easy as my old DV whereby you just plug it in? I can't seem to drag and drop. Any suggestion?

Issue 2: For some old reason, I can no longer upload my file from JVC Everio GZ-MG750 Camcorder into iMovie. iMoive will import them but won't display them saying the files are unknown formats. What can I do and how can I view and edit my videos if I can't even import them into the computer.

What's the reason?
iMovie allows Mac users to edit their own home movies in DV, HDV, MOV, MPEG-2, MPEG-4 formats directly. JVC Everio, Canon FS series, Panasonic SDR series and Sony camcorders export MOD video format which can't be recognized by iMovie. Is this mean we are impossible to edit our camcorder MOD files using iMovie? Of course not, this article will introduce your the best solution.
Convert MOD to iMovie compatible video format

MOD to iMovie converter (http://www.iorgsoft.com/article/ModMac/mod-to-imovie-converter-mac/) is the best application to convert MOD file from JVC Everio, Canon FS series, Panasonic SDR series and Sony camcorders to DV, HDV, MOV, MPEG-2, MPEG-4 for importing to iMovie`08/`09/`11 etc on Mac(Snow Leopard included)

Besides importing MOD file to iMovie, it also assists you to import MOD video to other mac editing software like: Final Cut Express,Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere Pro etc on Mac os.

MOD to iMovie converter also supports extract audio from MOD video, join/merge several MOD file into one and edit MOD files like clip, crop, apply effect, set output parameter, snapshot, rotate etc on Mac.
Step by step import/convert/edit MOD file into iMovie '08/iMovie'09/iMovie'11

Step1: Download, install and run Mac MOD to iMovie converter on your Mac
mod to imovie converter

Step2: Load MOD video files
Open the captured MOD video files from your hard disk, and Click "Add File" button to load MOD file, you can load one or more MOD video files or the whole video folder in the info list at one time.
load mod file

Step3: Set output format and define the output location
Click the drop drown menu next to the "Profile" field, select DV,HDV,MP4,MOV etc format for iMovie.
Click the drop drown menu next to the "Destination" field, chose the folder to save the converted MOD video.

Step4: Edit(optional)
Click "Clip", you can set starting and ending time of you MOD files.
Click "Edit", press "Effect" button to adjust brightness, contrast and saturation, press "Crop" button to set aspect ratio of the zoom to original, full screen, 16:9, 4:3.
Click "Setting" to adjust Resolution, Bit Rate, Frame Rate and Encoder of MOD video.

Step5: Convert and import MOD files to iMovie
Start to convert MOD videos to iMovie, please wait for a moment, then import the converted MOD files to iMovie

If you get an AVCHD camcorder such as Panasonic HDC-TM 900 , do not worry, AVCHD to MOV Converter for Mac can help you out. And if you are Windows user, you can turn to Video Converter for help.

18 May 2012, 04:08 AM
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