View Full Version : drupal installation help

29 May 2012, 09:42 PM
I have installed drupal 7.14 on my webhost website at http://dessites.des-us.com.
Now, I want to have this configuration:
1. the main drupal install under the subdomain - dessites - this is setup and working correctly.
2.a subsite, which will be on my domain. so http://www.des-us.com should point to this subsite.

I have created a subfolder under dessites/sites/ as des-us.com, as I want this to be my main site. I made changes to the settings.php to point to a different myssql database.
I cannot edit the host file, as this is a 3rd party webhost. I also dont know how to point the main site to the drupal install, so that the install script at http://www.des-us.com/install.php would work. Right now, it is giving me a "page cannot be found" error.
Please guide me from this step onwards. the configuration at my webhost is:

1.windows 2003 server enterprise
2.MySql 5.0.91
3.PHP 5.2.5
4.IIS 6

Thank you.