View Full Version : Setting sip fax server yourself

06 Jun 2012, 07:52 AM
Although setting up asip fax server involves a lot of technical issues to be taken care of but it is always practical to learn it yourself. There are a number of institutes that offer professional and detailed courses on fax server sip. This way, if you are already qualified, you can save a lot of money that you generally invest in maintenance and up-gradation of your fax servers. Other possible way to learn it could be to accompany a professional who takes up this kind of tasks to setup the fax servers. You would gain a lot of guidance and experience through his field of expertise. If both these way does not suits you, then you have an amazing option of having hosted fax solutions (http://www.retarusblog.com/). This is like a readymade package to be unlocked and immediately used by you. This comes as a ready to go application that has all the settings already done for you. As there are many hosted fax services are available, it becomes really crucial to select the most suitable one. The selection would be easier if it has all that you need in addition to other added advantages like enhanced security features and online updates availability. For more information read http://www.retarusblog.com/