View Full Version : Storing and sending fax made easy

06 Jun 2012, 07:57 AM
The dedicated fax servers can ease you with automatically saving your company fax on to the computer and to easily access it at any time for reference and perusal. Another unique preposition of a fax server is that it has an ability to convert the fax to pdf files that are easy to handle, edit and access. It also performs the function vice versa too, means, it can also convert the pdf files into faxable document to make it super easy to send designs and graphics easily and clearly. The fax pdf (http://www.retarusblog.com/) makes it easy to send the fax without changing the look and style of the format. This facility needsspecialized software to be installed on your computer. This kind of software is readily available in the market but you need to make sure that the software you select is most apt for the purpose and is user friendly enough to let it used by anyone. This is only because all of us may not be technical enough to handle a complex and heavily loaded software which may consequent into delayed and improper communication. Thus, this is a very useful facility to help you store and manage your communication effectively.

06 Jun 2012, 09:48 AM
I use iFax from my iphone - dead easy.