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14 Jun 2012, 01:13 PM
First off, I'm a total noob with PHP... sorry to bother you with such a basic question, but I have to get some changes made.

The site has a signup page accessed via links on the main page (index.php??) and although charging for signing up was supposedly removed (by someone before me) when you complete the signup form, the site goes to a CC info page (although I don't think it works since i put in dummy CC info to test and it wouldn't validate). If I select a different link on the main page (for free uploading) is puts in a ?pack_id=4 after the href... then it doesn't go to the cc info page after you sign up.
href="http://businesstube.com/signup?pack_id=4" - this works without cc info
href="http://businesstube.com/signup.php - this brings up cc info after signup page

I realize there is some coding necessary to fix this problem correctly, but I'm transitioning from C++/JAVA and still don't have a handle on the scripting yet (and how it all fits together). While I'm getting up to speed, I though an easier fix would be to go to where the signup.php references are and replace them with signup?pack_id=4 - which would solve my issue for the moment (I think).

I can see the references to the code when I view the source (using firebug in FF), but I can't see where I need to change the code on the site itself. I've looked through the index.php , signup.php, functions.php and more. I'm sure it is something not too difficult, I'm just unaware of where to look.

Thanks for any direction you might be able to provide.


20 Jun 2012, 05:36 PM
Just in case this helps someone, the links I was looking for were in the filename.tpl file.