View Full Version : Increasing the utility of Fax technology for the corporate world

25 Jul 2012, 03:25 AM
Communication technology has come a long way from the traditional post cards and telegrams to the facsimile or Fax and the emailing through high speed internet.
From the traditional fax machine system to SIP enabled system to exchange fax (http://www.retarusblog.com/) in the form of an image, technology has everything to offer. Corporate ventures can benefit the most with customised corporate fax (http://www.retarusblog.com/) solutions available through various offerings of the fax solution providing companies. Initially allowing only simple documents to be faxed, the technological modifications made sure that every file format of the computing world could be sent and received and thus saw the rise of fax pdf (http://www.retarusblog.com/) being exchanged in the interest of the dedicated fax users.