View Full Version : Responsive web design: Definition and use

27 Jul 2012, 07:22 AM
Responsive Web design or adaptive web design means a website that responds according to various devices and delivers the proper output for its uses responsive design, instead of multiple sites for different devices, this creates designs one site but it specifies how it should appear on varied devices.

Mostly every website owner wants a mobile version of their website, in web design and development we are receiving many new updates and responsive web design is one of them. Create new websites for each resolution and device it is almost impossible like one web site for blackberry, one for iPhone than another for HTC. If you create one website for the iPhone with all screen resolutions and start to gaining visitor forms it in another side you will lose visitors from other devices.

In a base of responsive web design there are some tricks and lots of work out the hides there likes the combination of flexible grids and layout, images, adjusting screen resolutions and a clever use of CSS Media queries. If you open any website from your laptop to any smart phone, the website should automatically turn to as per device resolution, images and content abilities, in the technical language website respond to the user’s preference.