View Full Version : SEO help please?

06 Aug 2012, 05:45 AM
Need help in answering this question for SEO quiz in SEO Olympics:

Speaking of Google, which statement is false?

a) Highly visible links that are near the top of a Web document can sometimes be given more weight
b) The entire amount of link juice a page receives gets transferred out via outbound links to other pages
c) If page A has two links - one to page B and the other to Page C - it sends the same amount of link juice
to both B and C
d) Adding nofollow to a link prevents a linked page from receiving link juice

It's c I take it?? I tried c and it says the result is incorrect (the whole quiz is 5 questions but I'm pretty sure in the other 4) The quiz itself is here if you need it http://www.link-assistant.com/seo-olympics/task.html and it's an iphone 4S I'm trying to get with it

Thoughts?? I'd appreciate some quick reply coz they are closing this tasks tonight! Thanks