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07 Aug 2012, 07:52 AM
Most companies use fax to communicate with their clients and customers. This involves the use of a public phone line to transfer electronic fax message signals. After this a fax machine is employed to help convert any of the received messages into documents. This has made work easier as the machine that was initially being used to covert messages have now been replaced by web servers.
Currently online servers are preferred for executing tasks and communication services. This has in turn made it possible to exchange fax (http://www.retarusblog.com/)as well as text messages via office/work mails. As a result of this various protocols have been put into use. For instance the fax over internet protocol (FoIP) allows for the sending as well as receiving of fax messages online.
These IP enabled fax servers guarantees security while sending out confidential or important messages. For corporate fax (http://www.retarusblog.com/) bodies the fax messages sent over the internet can be saved in the inbox of particular emails form where they can viewed while in reader friendly formats.
Besides being able to convert faxes into documents, the fax PDF allows for them to be viewed as in PDF format. This option is most convenient for most people especially those who work with PDF documents. This is because it rules out the need to convert soft copy messages into hard bound copies.

27 Sep 2012, 12:57 AM
There has been a significant rise in the development of online protocols. There are several reasons responsible for the same.