View Full Version : Questions about using complete websites in your portfolio

08 Aug 2012, 09:30 AM
Hey guys,

I'm about to go live with my portfolio and have a few questions about saving complete copies of projects I've

First off, most of these websites make use of a database. How do I approach copying the information
from the databases? Should I just use dummy info?

Most of these sites have a registration and login system. Is this something I should disable or leave

Some of these websites aren't live yet and contain dummy content but I would still like to include them in
my portfolio as I want to start applying for jobs but obviously companies would need to see my work before.
Should I include these websites as whole copies in my portfolio?

And lastly, what are the best steps to inform users that they are currently on a dummy website? I was
thinking of having a fixed image stating that this is a dummy website and generate an alert stating the same when the user first navigates to the page.