View Full Version : how can i use php in this situation?

20 Aug 2012, 02:30 PM
I am trying to learn PHP, and am trying to create a website for the engineering company i work for. It will be essentially a portfolio with 'about the company' type info as well. My goal is to do it through wordpress with a custom theme to create a homepage menu that the owner has come up with (ideas only at this point). It will be layout of different images of different jobs we have done that when clicked will take you to the page with those corresponding types of jobs. I know i could do this with HTML & CSS but id like to do it with PHP (if that makes any sense).

I figure this will be a good opportunity to just force PHP down my throat. Tutorials are helpful for the specific task they are teaching, but tutorials alone provide a lot of info that i dont necessarily need to distract myself with, id rather just find out the specific functions i need to focus on and learn them

I always find when learning something new like this (language/software) that its much more about understanding the uses and limitations of whatever it is that is much more helpful than learning all the individual commands or whatever.

I know this probably sounds like a broad request, but anyone have any tips to start me off?