View Full Version : Dynamic News Portlet

10 Sep 2012, 05:18 AM

My site has a news portlet (on the right side) with the Headline and title, its a table on the home page and all the inner pages.

But when updating the news, I have to edit every page on the site, As its part of the design.

The site is basically static, except the news part (News is not very frequent-once every 2-3 months); so it doesnt have any Databases. How can I have a news updated on a text file (Newsupdate.txt), and i get the content from this Newsupdate.txt file.

I tried the object, but its looks like an iframe
<object type="text/html" data="Newsupdate.html" style="width:100%; height:136px; margin: 0 0px 0 2px;"></object>

Please guide me to have content displayed from the txt as a data, not as iframe.