View Full Version : How do I indent a lot of text?

15 Sep 2012, 08:09 AM
CSS or Cascading Style Sheets are an important way to get your web pages to look nice.
Please help me How do I indent a lot of text?
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25 Sep 2012, 12:50 AM
#3 - Tracking and Reporting
This is an interesting thing to cover on this list, there are very few circumstances that a web design company should charge for this. 95% of the tools that are associated with Tracking and reporting are free. Google Analytics, is one of the best out there and it is provided to anyone who has a Google account. The only things that a Web Design company could charge you for is implementation, and if needed consultation. Then you should be given access to the email account they used to set up the tools. Because Gmail accounts are free, when they set up the tools they should create a new email address for you and then provide you with access to that email account so you can login to the site statistics and view them yourself. Then, if you have questions about what the numbers and information mean, they should be able to sit down and have that conversation with you. This is the other part of the service that they could charge you for. Because you are using their time to explain to you what this information means and how the information could benefit you.
#2 - Monthly Hosting Fees
This is one of the biggest things that people pay for because they don't understand it and it is big business for web design companies. The average cost for yearly hosting through a web design company is $1200.00 per year, that is $100.00 per month. That may seem reasonable, but in reality it is extremely expensive. Consider this, purchasing your own hosting can be done for less then 120.00 per year AND any company can build your site on your server. Meaning that it unlimits you when you are looking to have your site built. Its like going to a Car Dealership with an approved loan in hand, you have the ability to tell your prospective Web Design company, "If I don't like your service, I will go somewhere else" and it is extremely easy to do.

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