View Full Version : Smarty Template issue?

17 Oct 2012, 01:42 PM

I'm just getting familiar with a site that uses Smarty Templates and I'm having an issue with two versions of the same page rendering different URLs.

Long story short, I have a directory on the site with a copy of the entire site to use for testing new code before going on the live site. I have copied the other directories and structure exactly. When I render the page and mouse over (or click) on a link, the URL is not showing the same although they go to the same page. I have figured out that there is a page in the smarty/libs/plugins directory called 'functions.seourl.php' that re-writes the url to something "nicer" or better suited for search engines.

I have checked the code in the templates and they are the same. I made sure the entire smarty directory in the /test directory was present in the exact same place as it's live counterpart. One difference in the site is a config.local.php file where the baseurl is set along with logon/pw for the test DB and other specific info.

Is there somewhere in the "smarty" files that I need to make an adjustment? What could be going wrong?

Thank you,