View Full Version : PHP Project - VERY easy question...

18 Oct 2012, 12:15 PM

I am having some trouble with the last little thing in my project.

I can modify a record with a form on the index page, but when I have the update button call the modifyRecord page, I can't figure out how to obtain the variable for the 'reg' (reg ID from drawer2). I have it as the value (see code) but when I try to use this or store it in a variable, I get an undefined index error. Not sure what I need to be doing??

FROM INDEX.PHP: (this happens in every loop that shows a record)

foreach($resultdet as $res2){
printf($format, $res2['Id'], $res2['Value1'], $res2['Value2'], $res2['reg']);

echo("<form method='Post' action='modifyRecord.php'><input type ='hidden' value =".$res2['Id'].
" name = 'Id'/><input type ='hidden' value =".$res2['reg'].
" name = 'reg'/><input type = 'submit' value = 'modify' name = 'mod'/>

I was playing around with trying to store the value in a variable: (from modifyRecord.php)

echo 'POST Mod is set';
$regId = $_REQUEST['reg'];

But the echo never displays...

Not sure what is going wrong. Thank You...