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19 Oct 2012, 07:53 PM
I currently have 1 main image and 5 thumbnails underneath, when the image is clicked, it pops up Colorbox, enabling Gallery Mode where the user can use the next and previous to see the rest of the image on the page. I use Wordpress as my CMS. I tried installing various gallery type plugins but none gave me the look/functionality that I needed so I resorted to using tables as a quick fix.

I need something that the end result is that when the user clicks on an option from a drop down menu, the images on the left change. Example, I have a an image of a Tshirt on the left with 4 thumbnails underneath of the same tshirt in different colors. I have a form on the right with Brands, a user clicks on Brand #1 and the images change to a different set of Tshirt images, user click on Brand #2, same thing happens, etc. What would be the best way to do this in Wordpress? I need the form to be sent to an email address, I'm currently using a plugin for that, but I'm willing to hard code a page template if it gets the job done. I just need a starting point in regards to the form AND images working together. The current page I have online is this one (http://www.oshtgrafx.com/graphics/kits/grafx1/) but I have a test site to work in. Any help is appreciated.

20 Oct 2012, 01:17 AM
is this really helpful?????/ any example for this..........

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